There’s no question that incorporating a training and development model for your team has a profound impact on your business. After all, delivery of information throughout a company is crucial to operations running smoothly on all levels.

Great For Your Budget

85% of the cost of classroom-style training is spent on it’s delivery. That means you’re spending far more on the instructors and their time than you are on the actual training materials themselves. With training videos, you limit the need for instructors, their time and any associated travel costs they would have had.

When you invest in training videos, you invest in a re-usable medium that can also be easily referenced back to at any time in the future.


Unlike a classroom environment, where endless factors can affect each individual’s learning experience, video guarantees consistency of information to everyone.

Each pre-determined topic is covered and delivered identically for each employee ensuring the same experience for all. Additionally, organization is simplified as employees can watch training and development videos any time, right from their desks; no more organizing conflicting schedules for training presentations!


The fact is, people love videos! The medium of video is much more likely to engage employees when compared to other modes of teaching.

People are 75% more likely to watch video than read print. On top of this, the brain absorbs 50% more information through moving pictures and sound than it does from the next best medium (Forrester Research). So not only are people more likely to watch training videos in the first place, but they’re more likely to retain the information from them as well!


Video comes in all different shapes and sizes: animation, live action, interviews, graphics – there are so many ways to get your message across. But the versatility of video doesn’t end there; when it comes to training and development, video can be used for a vast variety of purposes:

  • Onboarding
  • Professional development
  • Demonstrating new policies, practices or systems
  • Introducing new services or products
  • Improving skills

Training videos are an effective way to engage staff and distribute information evenly.

Through embracing video into your training and development program, you take advantage of a reusable, cost effective medium that is sure to engage staff and evenly distribute information throughout your company. At 5Gear Studios, we specialize in training videos of all varieties. Right from our first introduction, we take extensive care in creating a critical path of the tasks necessary to create the right kind of videos for each unique client.

Discovery sessions, script writing, shot lists, storyboards, production schedules, location scouting, talent coordination, hair, makeup, craft services… 5Gear is here to help you through the process! Whether it’s taking the next steps into making your own ideation a reality, or collaborating with us to find the best fit for your company’s needs, 5Gear has the experience to guide you through every stage of production.

Contact 5Gear today to find out how we can bring you team’s training and development to the next level!