Video Production During COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal

June 19, 2020
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In many ways, 5Gear Studios is in the business of people. Events, conferences, internal videos, commercials for services or products… No matter what we’re creating, people are at their heart of what we do. It’s easy to forget just how physically interactive video production is until restrictions are placed on physical distance. In the face of all that’s been going on in the world for the past few months, we (like many others) have needed to adapt – and adapt quickly – in order to keep doing what we love. With all planned events and conferences cancelled or delayed, we’ve had to re-evaluate our services and get creative in order to find the new best way to serve our clients.

Here’s what 5Gear Studios has been up to over the past few months:

Charity Video Production

Though we have had to take extra precautions when filming people, we’ve still been successful in shooting many interviews at this time. Armed with a long lens and a boom microphone, we are able to safely follow social distancing recommendations while capturing quality, professional footage. It’s times like these that working with charities counts; these past months have seen many videos created for charities like the Peel CAS, Yellow Brick House and the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto:


5Gear Studios’ professional video live-streaming is a powerful and effective way to bridge the gap left by the postponement of live events. Conferences, information exchange, live events: live-streaming is the most ideal way to hold your events virtually!

On Sunday May 24th, we broadcasted a live-stream to over 25,000, across 15 countries! Every year, we shoot UJA’s annual Walk With Israel; including the walk itself, speakers at the event and the festival that follows. This year, the pandemic made holding the walk impossible in this format. From this, the very first ever Virtual Walk With Israel was created. After a few short weeks full of creating content for the live-stream, we had a show full of guest speakers, musical guests, comedians and live hosts to take viewers through the program. The show was a huge success and one of many 5Gear live-streams to come. Here’s a re-cap of UJA’s Virtual Walk With Israel:

Animation & Text Graphics Videos

With limitations on physical contact, we’ve turned to alternative methods of getting your message out! Though we were no stranger to the power of animation and graphic-based videos before, current conditions have inspired us to increase our use of the medium. Fully customizable animated videos that can be as creative as you are; all without violating any social distancing restrictions. Thanks to our incredibly talented animators, we’ve been creating short promotional pieces for local businesses like this video, created for Mezes, a Greek restaurant on the Danforth in Toronto:

Creating promotional videos like this is our way of supporting local businesses and helps to ensure that places like Mezes are still operating after this pandemic is over! Another example of animation we’ve been creating these past months is a series of videos made for Women’s Brain Health Initiative. Here’s the first video in the series, in which we take a close look at Food and what it does to your Brain:

With today’s climate, there has never been a stronger need for video. Over the past few months, we’ve all seen businesses turn to video to stay connected with their audiences. In a time where we all need to keep our distance, video has become the way we can all come together. With everyone having access to webcams and their cell phones to create and distribute video, credibility has only become more valuable. With professional video and live-streaming, businesses can maintain the branding they’ve worked years to acquire and remain relevant online.

No one can deny that the way everyone does things is going to be different for quite a while, but with the power of video, particularly the ever growing popularity of Live-Streaming, 5Gear Studios is here to help bring you and your audience together.

Contact 5Gear Studios today to find out more about how we can help you harness the power of video during this time, no matter your budget. We can’t wait to hear from you!