VFX – It’s More Common Than You Think!

June 26, 2023
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When you think of visual effects (VFX) you likely picture scenes from big-budget films like Avatar or Star Wars with digitally-created worlds or space creatures. While these examples definitely utilize VFX, visual effects are used more often than you may think. From commercials to social media, VFX is used in a wide range of content to enhance videos, make them more visually appealing and allow for endless possibilities outside the scope of live-action filming.

One of the reasons why VFX seems less common is that when done well, you may not even notice it at all! This is because VFX artists have blended the visual effects into the overall picture so it seems as though it was captured while filming.

See if you can spot all of the VFX in this commercial we did for Manitoulin:

Now check out the behind-the-scenes video to see all of the elements that were added!

Visual Effects can be very useful when you’re unable to get the desired images through live-action filming. For example, if your scene is set at a tractor manufacturer but you don’t have access to that location, you can film it at a regular warehouse and add in a sign and tractors through VFX. Or if you don’t want to actually blow out a tractor’s engine, the VFX artist can add smoke to the footage to give the same effect. They can also remove unwanted elements from a shot like a company logo on a sign or an accidental water bottle left on set. But when a viewer watches the final video, the visual effects go unnoticed because they’re immersed in the overall story.

Another reason why VFX is used more commonly than people think is that it’s become more accessible in recent years. With the increase in affordable programs, VFX is no longer limited to big-budget productions. Anyone with a computer or cell phone and some basic VFX knowledge can create visual effects and add them to their video content. So you likely see some form of VFX every time you open TikTok or YouTube.

But just because VFX is more accessible doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Creating high-quality VFX requires a lot of technical skill, experience and creativity. VFX artists have to blend different elements together like live-action footage, 3D models and digital effects to create a believable visual experience. They also require immense attention to detail, as even the slightest flaw can make an effect appear unnatural and take the viewer out of the experience.

Whether it’s creating a world that doesn’t exist, bringing alien creatures to life or simply enhancing the look of live-action footage, VFX has become an essential tool for video production. And while the viewer may not always notice the work of a VFX artist, they are certainly benefiting from the visual experience they’ve created. So the next time you watch a commercial or social media video, take a closer look – you may be surprised at just how much VFX is used in everyday video content!

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