Using video to promote your charity or nonprofit is a great way to be heard and to get your cause out there. Being such an appealing medium for consumers, video is the ideal tool for charities and nonprofits to communicate to both the general public and their donors. At 5GearStudios, we specialize in finding the best ways to convey your stories and message while perfectly representing your organization.

Why incorporate video into your charity’s marketing plan? Using video for your charity or nonprofit has innumerable benefits:

Trust Building

Building and keeping trust with current and potential donors is crucial to the survival of all charities and nonprofits. Using video gives consumers more confidence when viewing companies, services and charities online; another reason nonprofits should embrace the incorporation of video into their marketing plan.

Attention Grabbing

Video is the best way to achieve the appeal and benefits of face-to-face communication, while still relaying a concise and thoughtful message to audiences.

We all know how it feels to have a compelling video tap into our emotions; harnessing the power of video to promote your charity’s message is a powerful way to kindle reactions and promote engagement.

When it comes to the format of videos for nonprofits, there are plenty of options; it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish! 5Gear Studios can take you from ideation all the way to finished product. Pre-production, production, post-production; 5Gear Studios is with you every step of the way.

Here are just a few examples of how your charity can use video on their platform:

  • Kickoff/ Introductory Videos

Introductory and kickoff videos are a great way to give people a succinct glimpse into your organization and what you’re all about. These video’s are typically short, to the point, and are the perfect addition to your website’s home page.

  • Campaigns/ Events

Documenting charitable events is another way you can help spread your cause and make your message more accessible to audiences. Capturing events is the perfect way to promote future events to sponsors and board members, as well as selling tickets for the upcoming year.

Having events documented not only condenses your main mission into a palatable form for viewers, but it’s also clever economically, as event videos can be played, replayed and shared for years to come after the date of your event.

  • Case Studies

Video can act as a direct window into people’s lives and stories. Through case study videos, the lives touched by your charity are displayed to donors. Through this, they can fully understand exactly who they are helping and how their donations are being put to good use.

Capturing powerful, personal testimonials not only evokes emotion, but incites viewers to join the cause and get involved.

  • Volunteer Stories

By championing your volunteers, you humanize your charity; creating a relatable and trustworthy face for your organization. What better way to put a face to your nonprofit than with video! Along with building the image of your organization, creating positive volunteer story videos can help to inspire future volunteers to join your cause by letting people know how your team is making a difference.

Check out 5Gear Studios’ website or contact us to find out more on how we can help you create impactful videos for your charity or nonprofit!