Using Mock Videos for Internal Communication

July 24, 2023
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Internal Communication plays a key role in employee performance, creating a shared understanding of company goals and fostering a safe workplace. While traditional methods like emails and verbal updates during meetings are still important, companies are increasingly turning to video content to effectively convey their messages. Outside of the workplace, the majority of people rely on video to obtain their information whether it’s watching the news, a TedTalk or a video on TikTok. So videos are an effective tool to communicate internally within a company. Although there are many video production techniques that can be used, creating a mock commercial or film is a highly beneficial and engaging approach for internal corporate videos. With anything from recreating a James Bond movie to placing your CEO in a cool car commercial, mock videos are a great way to communicate internally and here’s why:

Convey Information in an Engaging Way

Mock videos have the unique ability to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. By adopting a more entertaining and creative approach, these internal videos catch the interest of employees, making them more likely to engage with the content. Humour, storytelling and entertaining scenarios help ensure that messages are memorable which promotes better information retention. Presenting information in a fun and engaging way will also encourage employees to participate in training sessions, company updates and other internal communication that feature these mock videos. By engaging and motivating employees, it contributes to a more connected and productive workforce.

Message Clarity

Mock videos offer a creative avenue to convey complex or technical information in a simplified and relatable manner. Rooting the information in a familiar platform like films or commercials makes challenging material more retainable. Mock videos break down complex concepts using storytelling and analogies making them easier to understand. Employees are more likely to grasp and retain information when it’s presented in a visually engaging and entertaining format, ensuring the intended messages are effectively communicated across the organization.

Team Building

Making mock videos are super fun and are a great way to connect with your other team members. Creating internal videos often involves collaboration across different departments or teams, providing an opportunity to work on something fun with new people. The process of brainstorming, scripting and filming fosters teamwork and strengthens relationships within your organization.

Promotes Innovative Thinking and Creativity

Using mock videos for internal communication encourages employees to think outside the box and tap into their creative side. Watching their CEO being playful or seeing the company utilizing comedy can allow employees to explore their own creativity. By providing this imaginative space, organizations can inspire innovation and new ideas in all aspects of the company. Being involved in the creation of a mock video also gives employees a creative outlet to showcase their artistic skills and talents they may not always utilize.

Company Culture

We all know that happy employees are productive employees. A mock video is a great way to contribute to a positive workplace culture.

Your employees know you need to relay this information but having a fun and unique way of presenting it can foster a welcoming environment. Here is an example of a mock commercial we made for Manitoulin:

Making a mock film or commercial is always a blast for our team as well so if you’re considering making a mock video, please give us a call!

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