Using Animation in Marketing Videos

April 11, 2023
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Marketing videos can be used to promote products and services and to educate viewers on certain topics. Using animation is a great way to clearly get your message across while keeping audiences engaged. But what makes animation so effective in marketing videos?

Visually Pleasing

It may sound simple but at the very core, people enjoy animation. Whether you grew up watching cartoons, reading comics, or looking at picture books, animation can evoke feelings of nostalgia and are aesthetically pleasing to viewers. If an audience member likes what they’re watching, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to the material and remain engaged through the entire video.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is when a consumer recognizes your company from a visual cue without having to hear your company’s name. The main example of this is the use of logos. When you see a checkmark you automatically associate it with the Nike Swoosh. It also works for colours or sounds that are characteristic of your brand. Animated marketing videos can really contribute to brand awareness because audiences are more likely to remember visuals, logos and graphics rather than non-animated material.


Simple marketing videos are easier for viewers to understand and therefore retain the information. Animation gives the ability to reduce complex ideas to simple expressions which makes it more likely for your marketing video to be watched and remembered.

Abstract Ideas

Using animation allows for abstract ideas or concepts that aren’t possible in our world. For example, an animated commercial for a laundry detergent could depict the detergent eating a stain. In theory, this image could be created with visual effects to make it appear as live-action but audiences are more likely to accept abstract ideas when they are presented in the form of animation. This is because audiences are more familiar with breaking the rules of our world in the world of animation.


Explaining a product or service using images and numbers makes it easily understood by all audiences regardless of language or background. Opening up your marketing video to a wider audience allows for inclusion as well as the potential to tap into the global marketplace.

Here is an example of an animated promotional video 5Gear Studios did for Sonic Systems:

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