The Shooting Suite Tour

January 22, 2024
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Welcome to the Shooting Suite, your one-stop shop for creating professional quality videos right here at 5Gear Studios! Our Shooting Suite is perfectly tailored for Product Video shoots, Talking Head shoots, Full Body Filming and Chroma Green shooting. Today we’re going to take you on a tour of the many things our small but mighty studio can achieve.

5Gear Studios Shooting Suite

Green Screen

The first tool we’ll introduce you to is our green screen. Whether you need a talking head or Head-to-Toe, we’ve got you covered for your next creative. A green screen allows you to change the background of your video to whatever you would like in the editing process.

For example, we filmed Gord, the CEO of Manitoulin Group of Companies, sitting in a chair in the Shooting Suite in front of our green screen. Then our editor was able to place him in front of a fireplace in a cozy cabin.

Green Screen at 5Gear Studios
Man Sits In Front of Fireplace

Filming in front of a green screen also allows you to transport a person into any scene. In this 1Password video, we needed it to look like their co-founder Sara was joining a secret meeting virtually and her colleagues were speaking to her hologram.

We had Sara visit the Shooting Suite to film her role in front of the green screen. Then we composited the footage to create a hologram similar to those found in the Star Wars franchise. The quality of the final product speaks for itself, in this underwater secret location for our Executives.

If you’re interested in learning more about the green screen process, check out our blog How Do Green Screens Work?

Other Backdrops

The green screen is great for placing someone in front of any background but sometimes you just need a basic black or white backdrop. This can be useful for instructional videos and charity or non-profit videos where you want the subject to be the main focus.

Luckily the Shooting Suite can quickly be changed from white to black to grey in addition to full chroma green.

Woman Filming in Shooting Suite
Woman sits in front of camera

Product Videos

But the Shooting Suite is not only great for people, it’s also a space to create stunning one-of-a-kind product videos! Anything from Instagram videos to Amazon Product videos, we’re fully equipped to achieve any of your creative goals.

With a few simple props, you wouldn’t even know this was filmed in our tiny space.

5Gear Studios Shooting Suite
coffee mug on rocks

Check out the video we created for Oliver’s shot entirely in the Shooting Suite!

@5gearstudios Probe Lens & Friends #videoproduction #probelens #probe #camera #lens #video #dp #cinematography #videography #behindthescenes #filming #eating ♬ Chillhop – LoFi Hip Hop

Full Complement

So you’ve chosen the backdrop and your subject or product is camera-ready but to create a high-quality video, you’ll need professional equipment. Our Shooting Suite comes with everything you’ll need including; camera, lighting and sound.

We have some cool tools like our probe lens which allows you to get extreme close-up shots. A probe lens is an elongated barrel that attaches to the lens of the camera which allows you to get really close to your subject. It’s useful when working with small objects or products.

Cinematographer Films Product in Shooting Suite

Experienced Director of Photography

You can book the suite solo, with your own team or hire our experienced DP to ensure true professional results. Not only do our DPs have years of experience, but they’re also familiar with our equipment and working in the Shooting Suite.

Man uses Teleprompter in 5Gear Studios Shooting Suite


You can even choose to add a TelePrompter for the best engagement you can offer. When you use a TelePrompter you can look directly at the camera while reading your lines, looking as though you memorized the entire script. When your eyes wander off camera to read prompts or you look at cue cards, it can be distracting to viewers. Using a TelePrompter allows the audience to focus entirely on the content you are delivering.

Thank you for joining us on this tour through the Shooting Suite! When you’re on a tight budget, need a quick product shoot and want the experience that only a professional video production company like 5Gear Studios can offer, consider booking with us! We’d love to have you! Our shooting suite starts at as little as $1000 for a half day with a full complement of gear.

If you’re interested in booking the shooting suite, contact us. We’d love to hear about your project!