The Return to Live Events | UJA’s Walk with Israel 2022

June 23, 2022
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Over the past two and a half years, the whole world has had to pivot. Business models of organizations of all kinds have had to adapt and adjust to the new state of the world – adhering to the new standard. The world of video was no exception to the worldwide impact of the pandemic, with not only large live events taking a hit, but even small shoots becoming nearly impossible to execute safely and according to new safety regulations.

The UJA Walk with Israel is an event that 5Gear Studios has covered for many years. In typical years, it’s a huge gathering of the Toronto-Jewish community in a quintessential ‘start-of-the-summer’ staple for so many. Thousands of families and people of all ages gather in Toronto to walk at the end of May to raise money for Israel and those most in need there. According to UJA: “the Walk with Israel isn’t just one of the world’s largest Israel celebrations – it also raises money for a great cause: supporting life-changing programs focused on Israel’s most vulnerable residents.” (UJA)

For the past 2 years, UJA’s Walk with Israel has taken place strictly virtually as 5Gear Studios created edited video content from virtually recorded videos and footage from past events and then broadcasted the virtual walk LIVE to over 25,000 people across 15 countries in the first year alone.

This year, on May 29th 2022, UJA’s Walk with Israel made its return to in-person live event – and 5Gear was there to capture it!

If we’ve learned anything from the past years of adapting, it’s the versatility of not only video, but of our clients as well. The impact of video has only become more apparent as the whole world has come to rely so heavily on virtual alternatives these past years. Whether it’s virtual events, school, meetings, parties, concerts, interviews – or even virtual walks – the power of video in a strictly virtual setting is more than apparent. While we’re as thrilled as anyone with the return of in-person live events, this virtual alternative certainly isn’t out of the picture. The live-streaming option for events is here to stay as the world emerges into a more hybrid-friendly era of work and life.

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