Promoting Your Small Business

March 8, 2023
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People love to shop local and support small businesses but first, they have to know the companies exist! Here are some tips to get your small business out there so everyone can learn about your incredible services and products.

Be Everywhere!

Everyone is different in how they look for information. Some may Google “Barber Shops near me” to browse different websites while others may search #torontobarbers on Instagram to look through photos of haircuts. You want to be in as many of these locations as possible to expand your possibility of being discovered. This means having a website and being on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The great thing about social media is it’s free to join. Post as often as you can because it’s free advertising!

Does your specific service/product have a network or online community you can join? Joining an industry-specific group can expand your network, allow a space to share your work and adds one more place to be discovered.

Be Google-able

This ties in with being everywhere but being on Google is especially important as this is where potential customers can find your company’s information. Registering your business on Google is free and you’re able to add your operating hours, contact information and location on Google Maps. You can go to to get started.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now that you’re on Google, you’ll want to make sure your page is showing up in the top of Google searches. This happens with something called SEO. This means using specific keywords often throughout your website and blog posts so when someone Google’s that keyword, your site will bump to the top. There is much more that goes into increasing your SEO so invest your time in a little research or look into hiring an expert to get you started.

Film a Promotional Video

People absorb information differently. Your website may outline all of your excellent available services, but potential customers may not have the time to thoroughly read through it. A video is a great way to quickly capture everything your business offers in an informative and engaging way. Videos are also great because you can post them on all of the different platforms we mentioned above.

Look how 5Gear helped TopGeer Wraps summarize their services while showcasing their work.

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Looking to film a promotional video? 5Gear Studios can definitely create that for you! Contact 5Gear Studios today to learn more.