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Did you know that most web site visitors would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it? In fact, when polled, an overwhelming 90% of respondents said when presented with text or a video to explain a service or product, they would rather view a video. If 90% of your viewers would rather watch a video, wouldn't you want your video to be its best? If you're not sure how to do that, call upon a Video Production Company in Toronto that has done it for years!

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    Trust 5Gear Studios for expert video production to boost your service or product messaging.

    Products & Services Video Examples

    Website & Online Videos

    A website without a video today seems to be as quiet as a Museum! Nothing grabs the visitors attention like a video. A video on a web site has a 92% chance of being viewed, as compared to any other approach a business or professional can use to engage their audience. While viewed on Social Media, a Video has an even greater chance of being viewed. How do you ensure your business has the best video for your website or online social media presence?  Trust 5Gear studios to help you. Contact 5Gear Studios today for your next web video.

    Kickstarter Videos

    There's no doubt that when visiting a website like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, viewers have a lot of information to absorb when viewing a new product or idea. In almost every case, a viewer would rather learn about that product or service by watching a video. In fact, when polled, a whopping 98% of viewers claimed they preferred to learn about that product or service with video than by reading about it. When done professionally, the chances of selling that product or service skyrocket! Contact 5Gear Studios today for your next Kickstarter video!

    Real Estate Videos

    Nothing shows off a property or Real Estate Organization like a video. Our crews will film your property from the inside, outside and from the air! REITs, Builders, Developers and Real Estate Agents all trust 5Gear's years of experience around residential and commercial properties. We've been filming these projects for decades. Contact 5Gear Studios today for your commercial or residential real estate video.

    Product Videos

    It almost goes without saying that the best way to demonstrate the Product you are offering is with video. Video not only informs the viewer of the Product, it demonstrates how it is used and functions. Product videos can go one step further, by demonstrating the manufacturing process in which the product itself is assembled. If your organization is looking to highlight or sell your Product, Contact 5Gear Studios today and we'll create your next Product Video.

    Legal Videos

    One of the greatest professions is law. There are so many great lawyers, it's tough to decide between them. How do YOU stand out from the crowd? A Legal Video of course!  A Legal Video will help prospective clients decide if they like you based on your personality, professionalism and of course, the firm you represent. Choose a 5Gear Studios Legal Video for your firm and you'll stand out from the crowd. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get working on your next Legal Video.

    Demonstration Videos

    If you can't be there in person to demonstrate your product, the next best thing is a Demonstration Video! Demonstration videos not only inform the viewer of the features of your product, they also allow you to demonstrate your products in markets you otherwise might not be able to visit. Demonstration Videos run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and maximize your return on investment. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss your next Demonstration Video.

    Medical Videos

    Surgical, Dental, Health and Wellness, Pediatrics, Preventative Healthcare, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Oncology, Dermatology, Neurology, Family Medicine. 5Gear Studios has created videos for them all! If your speciality requires a video to demonstrate a technique, make an announcement or share information, trust the Team at 5Gear Studios to create your next Medical Video. We have the experience and the knowledge you're looking for. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get talking about your Medical Video.

    Sports & Fitness Videos

    Sports and Fitness Videos serve a number of purposes. One purpose is to Promote the Person or Business. Another useful feature is to demonstrate a particular technique in a teaching environment. When it comes to Sports and Fitness Videos, 5Gear Studios has the experience with all of the. Trust our Team to map out your next Sports and Fitness Video. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get moving on your next Sports and Fitness video!

    Educational Videos

    Public Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities all require Educational Videos of one type or another. Who do they turn to? 5Gear Studios! That's who. 5Gear has created videos for educational institutions of all levels. Whether it's a Promotional Video for the actual establishment, a video highlighting a special program or a video capturing a special event, trust 5Gear Studios to create an Educational Video your institution will be proud of. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss your next Educational Video.


    Mock Film Videos

    What are Mock Films? Mock Films are special projects an organization or business typically gets involved with when it comes to celebrating a Milestone or Special Event.  For years, 5Gear Studios has been creating Mock Films to entertain audiences of all sizes. Looking to be the next James Bond, Ethan Hunt or Super Hero, look to 5Gear's incredibly talented team to create the Cinematic Masterpiece you could only dream of. Contact 5Gear Studios today. We can't wait to share some of these incredible films we have created for so many years.

    Mock Commercial Videos

    Unlike one of our real commercials for web or television, Mock Commercials are videos typically part of of larger project or program that informs or entertains. Imagine re-creating your favourite Apple Commercial or Car Commercial, but with your own employees! Mock Commercials are ALWAYS a hit and can not only entertain but can also inform. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's share with you some of our Mock Commercials that we've created over the years. We can't wait to share them with you!

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