PORTL: A 4K, Life-Sized, Holographic Experience

December 10, 2021
Featured image for “PORTL: A 4K, Life-Sized, Holographic Experience”

Have you been to Loblaws in the Toronto area over the past few weeks? Maybe you’ve seen the President’s Choice PORTL display set up during your shopping!

Over the past few months, we were thrilled to create videos for the PORTL display, animate select President’s Choice products and live-stream a PORTL demonstration LIVE on Breakfast Television!

This was truly a unique and exciting assignment for us, with a lot of working parts. From creating and 4D animating the products you see in the PORTL display, to filming and editing product demonstrations – it was incredible to see our work truly come to life as PORTL holograms!

“Beam there with PORTL. Our 4K life-sized holographic displays allow you to connect with friends, family, or potential customers with the power of PORTL holograms.”

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