Packing For A Day On Set

September 26, 2023
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The world of production is an exciting and fast-paced environment filled with creativity, talent, and hard work. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the industry, the importance of being well-prepared for a day on set is crucial. From early call times to long hours and ever-changing weather conditions, life on set can be unpredictable. Outside of the equipment or tools used for your position, there are many things you personally may need. Regardless of whether you’re an employee being asked to double as an actor in your company’s corporate video or a daily production assistant, here are a few things that are always handy to have on set.

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Portable Phone Charger

12-hour workdays are pretty standard for a day on set, with many days running beyond that. You want to make sure your phone is powered up for your entire workday so it’s important to be able to charge your phone. Oftentimes there isn’t an outlet you can charge your phone at. If you’re filming outdoors, there may not be access to an outlet. Or the power is already designated to production-related equipment and plugging anything additional in can cause a circuit overload. This can be dangerous and cause power outages which waste precious production time. Or an outlet is simply in another location and you don’t want to leave your phone unattended while you’re needed elsewhere on set. So having a portable phone charger can be a game changer.

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Weather Appropriate Clothing

This is mainly reserved for outdoor shoots, but you never know when you may have to run outside for something. With 12+ hour work days, the weather can drastically change within the time you’re on set. Make sure to pack for the weather and the season. A few examples are a raincoat, spare socks, a hat, sunglasses, a battery-operated heated vest, gloves and waterproof footwear.

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A Pen and Paper

This can be job-dependent, but no matter your role, someone may ask something of you. It’s good to be able to write things down if needed. Yes, you can also use your phone, but if you happen to forget your portable phone charger, it’s good to have this option!

A Reusable Water Bottle

Production sets will provide water but if you’re environmentally conscious it’s nice to have your own. It’s also easy to mix up plastic water bottles so bringing your own unique bottle helps identify it as belonging to you. Plus you can fill it with ice in the morning so your water stays cold throughout the day!

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Personal Care Items

Keeping in mind you’ll be on set all day, it’s important to consider the personal care items you would need throughout the day. Think about a typical day for you. What products do you use within the span of 12-14 hours? Chances are you’d also want this on set. Especially if you’re working outdoors or in dry conditions, consider what products you may want for your own comfort. For example chapstick, hand cream, eye drops, sunscreen, deodorant, or hand sanitizer.


Similarly, if there is any medication you usually take at a certain time of the day, make sure to pack it with you if it falls within that 12+ hour day. Or if you’re someone who is prone to headaches, seasonal allergies or heartburn, be sure to bring what typically alleviates your symptoms like Advil, allergy medication or Tums.

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Craft Services will provide snacks, usually including gum, but if you have any food restrictions or personal snack preferences, it’s always safe to bring your own. And if you’re someone who likes to chew gum in the afternoon to refresh after lunch, then it’s good to pack some in case Craft doesn’t provide it.

Although not all of these items may end up being needed the ultimate goal is to go into the day prepared. With these items out of your mind, you can focus on the task at hand, your role, and having the best day on set!

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