As we live through these uncertain times, it’s important to keep our level of stress down – not only for our mental health, but for our physical health too. A great way to reduce stress is through meditation, as mindful meditation has been proven to help keep our brains healthy.

It’s simple – but may not be easy!

Here are some tips for at-home meditation:

  • Find a stable spot
  • Straighten your spine
  • Cross your legs
  • If you’re on a chair, let your feet touch the floor
  • Drop your chin
  • Lower or close your eyes
  • Relax
  • Focus on your breath – feel it move through your body
  • If your mind wanders, don’t block the thoughts – just return to your breath
  • When you’re ready, lift your gaze and pause

Meditation leads us to look within and bring ourselves into the present moment. By cultivating awareness, challenging situations can be reflected upon, embraced and moved on from. Daily life is filled with opportunities to use the practice of mindfulness to find the preciousness of every moment. Remember; meditation is a practice, so the more you meditate, the better you and your brain will feel!

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