Measuring Twice: The Importance of Pre-Production

October 31, 2019
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‘Measure twice, cut once’ is a saying with both a powerful tactical denotation and also some serious metaphorical significance. In video production, as it is in life, it pays to plan in advance and check things twice.

The pre-production phase of the video production process is one of forethought and ground-work. It is absolutely essential to the outcomes of both production and post-production. It’s all about measuring twice and cutting once; setting yourself up to optimize the steps of production yet to follow.

The art of pre-production comes down to gathering all the details, setting everything up in advance in order for tasks to be executed smoothly later on. Effective pre-production helps to avoid surprise costs in post-production and makes for well-ordered and enjoyable days in production.

So what exactly does pre-production entail?

It all depends on what you’re creating, but there is some key information we are always sure to ask our clients in the beginning stages of pre-production:

  • The type of project to be created
  • Video message/ purpose
  • Deadline for the final video

These factors all need to be considered when determining the videos’ creative ideation, cost, crew required, best suited equipment, and production timeline.

Very early on in the process, we create a Critical Path document for our clients and all those working on the project which outlines what stage of production will be completed by when; keeping everyone on the same page every step of the way.

What comes next varies depending on the project: script writing, creating storyboards, location scouting and booking, booking crew and equipment rentals, hiring talent; we tailor the pre-production of each new project to fit your videos’ unique needs.

At 5Gear Studios, we are passionate about making sure to measure twice before executing your next video. For more information about how we can help make your next video, visit our website today!