Marketing Strategies during Social Isolation – Get your message out!

April 9, 2020
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There’s no questioning the power of person to person message delivery. Conferences, talks, in-person conversations; all are incredibly effective, yet not always possible, especially with today’s Social Distancing measure in effect. By harnessing the power of video to deliver your message, you increase audience reach while still creating a lasting connection. When it comes to bringing the impact of stories into homes and offices, video delivery is the most versatile way to intimately capture the emotion and influence of tried and true person to person connections.

When it comes to video-driven message delivery, there are endless format possibilities. These options also have the flexibility to be paired with each other to create engaging, long-form content. With multiple speakers and sections to your video, the potential to include commercials from sponsors to break up segments opens up as well.

Here are just a few ways 5Gear Studios can help you get your message out there:


One of the many advantages of animation is its ability to adapt to be as versatile as your imagination. No matter the content, animation can highlight your message and engage audiences through creative digital storytelling.

Text graphics

Some messages are emphasized best through words. Using text graphics with voice over can highlight the aural significance of what’s being said, while being re-enforced through overlaid text.

Stock footage

With access to multiple, extensive online libraries of stock footage, 5Gear Studios can help to tailor your message using your own unique arrangements of visuals and audio. Creating video-messaging with stock footage allows you to assemble professional, high quality content without the risk of breaching social-distancing rules or the extra costs of shooting original footage.

Web-cam Interviews

By taking footage from remotely conducted interviews or talks, you eliminate the step of professional video recording while still creating a product where the message is communicated clearly and effectively. Back and forth conversations, prepared lectures/talks, collections of individual stories: the possibilities are innumerable. By adding additional visuals (such as photos or relevant pre-recorded clips) you can add even more caliber to your messaging.

Professionally Filmed Interviews

Even in these strange times, conducting in-person interviews is still possible, with the right approach. With a few small alterations to regular filming practices, in-person interviews can be captured safely. These stories can then be brought to life through the addition of background music and supporting images.

White-board Style Animation

Along the same lines of animated video messaging, white-board style animation combines elements of text graphics with 2D animation to create an easily followed and captivating presentation of ideas. When paired with voice over, white-board animation is the perfect way to visually lay out expressed ideas in an easily consumable way.

In these uncertain times, communicating your message clearly and effectively has never been more important. When everyone has the same tools at their disposal, how do YOU stand out? For years, we’ve helped conference organizers, managers, professionals, content creators and small business owners harness the power of direct video messaging. Creating an impression involves more than just the tools needed to communicate. There’s no substitute for quality; at 5Gear Studios we can help you stay connected while remaining distant.

Opting for professional video messaging allows you to remain relevant while adapting to our changing world. Whether it’s to your clients or your team; 5Gear Studios lets you focus on your business while we help you to look and sound your best.

Timely, professionally and efficiently and all within budget: trust 5Gear Studios to help you stand out while delivering your message.