Live5tream: Professional Live-Streaming for Anyone

February 9, 2021
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If you’ve been looking into professional live-streaming options for your business or event, you’re sure to have come across more than a few options for ways to broadcast your message. With the variety of choices available to everyone for live-streaming it’s important to choose the kind of streaming that best serves both your audience and the purpose of your stream. Today, we’ll look into the main types of live-streaming and their uses as well as some examples of the kinds of topics that can be effectively covered via live-streaming.

On-Location Live-Streaming

Live-streaming on location is a popular choice of streaming, and is often the first alternative people go to when they need to make a virtual event out of an event that would typically be held live and in-person. Shooting on location means that you can have as many or as few camera angles as you want covering your event as it unfolds – giving your audience the best seat in the house, right from their own home or office!

Live streaming on location has the option of being broadcasted LIVE right as the event is happening with a technical director guiding the video switcher-operator; switching between camera angles in real time. You also have the option of recording, editing and then broadcasting your program at another designated time. There are benefits to each type of on-location live-streaming, all depending on your own needs. There’s an element of excitement and participation that comes from live broadcasting, however there’s more freedom to fix little mistakes your talent/ presenters may make or re-take elements of your event if it’s going to be live-streamed later on.

No matter what kind of show you go with, you can be sure that your audio and visuals will all be included, high quality and crystal clear. If your show is live, or set to go live later, we at 5Gear Studios have the expertise and equipment to include pre-show graphics, lower thirds, animations, music licensing – whatever is needed to make your broadcast a success!

Call-In Live-Streaming

Live-streaming with ‘call in’ video elements means that the guests on your program can call in via webcam from anywhere around the world! Much like the on-location style of live-streaming, call-in live-streaming can also be broadcasted LIVE, or be recorded and broadcasted later on at your desired time. For video that’s being pre-recorded to be used in a later broadcast, our remote recording for webcam seamlessly captures guest video feeds without suffering the limitations conference video tools face.

With decades of experience in broadcasting, 5Gear Studios prides itself in understanding its client’s needs while creating professional, visually appealing programs that maintain our clients credibility. No matter what elements you need to make your event a success – graphics, animations, music licensing, pre or post-programming – 5Gear Studios has the experience to create whatever your broadcast requires while reliably and professionally broadcasting to your audience anywhere in the world.

When it comes to corporate conferences, events, internal and external broadcasts – there’s no question that Professional Live-Streaming is the way to go.

5Gear decided if it was going to offer live-streaming, it was going to offer this service the right way! Live5tream Live-Streaming is a professional solution that makes viewers feel as if they were right there, at the event. 5Gear has invested considerable capital to ensure a proper live-stream for our clients. This includes a quadruplex system, server-level bonding system that relies on Sputnik engines to ensure a dedicated line, not shared by others. Using Wifi, Ethernet AND multiple cellular signals all bonded together, we ensure we can provide our live-streams just about anywhere.

With 5Gear Studios Live5tream Professional Live-Streaming, you get crystal clear picture, sound, graphics both on-screen and full screen, as well as multiple camera angles – all captured live, and with the capability to be viewed as a recorded video afterwards; one of the many features of professional live-streaming that you won’t get from cell phone video through a social media platform.

Whether it’s a pre-recorded show from multiple sources that’s later broadcasted, or a live event being captured and viewed in real-time: 5Gear Studios is here to make sure your streaming event goes as smoothly and professionally as possible.

Contact 5Gear Studios today to find out more about Live5tream, professional live-streaming services. We can’t wait to hear from you!