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What do all these people have in common? They've used 5Gear's Live Event Production Services! We have filmed thousands of events of our 30+ year history. We have the knowledge and experience to film YOUR next big event. Whether it's an intimate event for 50 or for 5000, 5Gear Studios has the experience to not only cover your event, but we produce incredible sizzle reels that you can share with attendees or use to promote your next years' event.


Experience the magic of live events like never before with 5Gear Studios! From concerts to conferences, we've filmed it all.

Examples of Live Event Videos

Charity Fundraising Videos

Charity Fundraisers are fun, exciting and entertaining. When the night is gone, re-live it again with a 5Gear Charity Fundraiser Video. Not only are our Charity Fundraising Videos enjoyable to watch again and again they're amazing for Fundraiser's to use to entice attendees for next years charity event. 5Gear Studios specializes in capturing your Charity Fundraising event discreetly, so guests can enjoy the experience and re-live it again at a later date. Contact 5Gear today for your next Charity Fundraising Event.

Event Videos

Event videos are a great way to ensure you properly promote your event again and again. Nothing shows future attendees how incredible your event was than an Event Video. For years, 5Gear Studios have been discreetly capturing events, big and small, for Show Producers and Companies of all sizes. Not only can 5Gear capture your event, we can help to make it even more successful by offering timely, professional video advice for best sound and angles. Contact 5Gear today for your next Event Video.

Screen Content Videos

Large screens with visual content are commonplace at many corporate events. Today's advanced events contain multi-media that dale the viewer! If you're thinking that PowerPoint will get you by, think again! Advanced Screen Content Videos are just what you need to accelerate your event from the mundane to the spectacular. We offer a variety of Professional Animation services to elevate your screen content. Contact 5Gear today and let us show you what we can create for your Screen Content Videos.

Logo Loop Videos

Corporate events are often sponsored by a variety of Corporate Donors. Companies that donate money to the event expect that their logos are prominent to all viewers in attendance on programs, placards and banners. To elevate the experience for Corporate Donors, large screens are typically used to project their logos. Gone are the days that a simple PowerPoint presentation will suffice. Audiences today expect a more sophisticated look. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let us show you what we can do with your Corporate Logo Loop Video.

Company Event Videos

Company's are proud of the events that they build. When it's all over, what better way to continue the celebration than with a Company Event Video. Those in attendance will love to relieve the magic of the evening again and for those that missed it, they can view in on the fun everyone had. Looking to hold the event again? A Company Event Video is the perfect promotional piece to generate interest for your next event! Contact 5Gear Studios today and let us show you what are Company Event Videos look like.

Sizzle Reel Videos

You've held your event and now you're dreaming of doing it again. Whats' the best way to generate excitement and ensure future attendance? A Sizzle Reel Video of course! Sizzle Reel Videos take the very best of your event and pack it into a short film that is so easy to share through your Website or Social Media Platforms. Often 2 minutes or less, Sizzle Reels share all the fun and excitement in a short contained film. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let us show you how exciting Sizzle Reel Videos can be!


Eye-Mag / Live to Screen

For events large and small, you want to make sure everyone in attendance can easily see your speaker or performer. As events grow in size, line-of-sight becomes an issue, but not with Eye-Mag / Live to Screen. 5Gear Studios have years of experience bringing the action to the big screen at your event. Whether it's wired or Wireless via our Teradek system, 5Gear has your Eye-Mag / Live to Screen needs covered. Contact 5Gear Studios today for a quote on our Eye-Mag / Live to Screen services.

Celebrity Gala Videos

You've gathered the Celebrities, you've called out the Executives, you've invited your clients, guests and families, now what? Enjoy the Gala! To make sure you can share this most incredible experience, you'll need a Celebrity Gala Video. 5Gear Studios have been filming Celebrities for years. We understand the complex intricacies involved with such talent. We understand how to be discreet while still capturing the moment, unobtrusively. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss your next Celebrity Gala Video.

Golf Tournament Videos

You've decided to host a Golf Tournament for your Charity. When it's the end of the evening, why not surprise them with a Golf Tournament Same Day Edit! While everyone is moving forward from 1-18, 5Gear understands the successful cinematic team moves in the opposite direction! This way we ensure as many different foursomes make the fun film as possible. 5Gear has been filming Golf Tournaments for years! Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss what we can do to enhance your next Charity Golf Tournament.

Recruitment Videos

When hiring new recruits, one of the best new ways to entice entry into your organization is through Recruitment Videos. Recruitment videos all for existing employees to add testimonials about their work experience and passionately deliver their point-of-view. This type of message delivery can be lost through a simple brochure or communique, but is without a doubt effective with on-screen appearances. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next Recruitment Video.

Hospital Event Videos

Like many other charity events, Hospitals host events and one of the best ways to celebrate again is with a Hospital Event Video. Often used to promote next year's event, a Hospital Event Video is typically a short 3-5 minute film that highlights all of the special moments you had during your event. We capture the speeches, performances and all the action. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss what we can do for your next Hospital Event Video

Government Event Videos

Government Events require very special attention to attendees to ensure the safety and security of all those in attendance. For years, 5Gear Studios has been asked to film at these events. From the Mayor of Toronto, to the Premier of Ontario, to the the Prime Minister of Canada, the RCMP and other Policing bodies have trusted 5Gear Studios to safely and professionally film at these events, often directly beside these dignitaries. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss what we can do for your level of Government and your Government Event Video.

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