Diverse Video Production Services in Toronto, ON

At 5Gear Studios, we understand the power of video marketing across various industries. Our team has extensive experience creating high-quality videos tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Toronto, Ontario, and beyond. Whether you're in real estate, government, education, dental, or the restaurant industry, we have the expertise to produce compelling videos that resonate with your audience.

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    From Real Estate to Manufacturing Videos, we've filmed it all.

    Example of Industry Specific Videos

    Real Estate Videos

    Nothing shows off a property or Real Estate Organization like a video. Our crews will film your property from the inside, outside and from the air! REITs, Builders, Developers and Real Estate Agents all trust 5Gear's years of experience around residential and commercial properties. We've been filming these projects for decades. Contact 5Gear Studios today for your commercial or residential real estate video.

    Medical & Dental Videos

    Even small Medical and Dental firms require video to promote their services. 5Gear Studios is often called upon by these medical professionals to create videos that talk directly to their current or new patients. What better way to reach your prospective audience than by demonstrating your compassion and professionalism than through a 5Gear Medical or Dental video? We have the experience and the knowledge to create the Medical or Dental video you've been looking for. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get talking.

    Manufacturing Videos

    Manufacturers of all sizes have been turning to Manufacturing Videos to demonstrate how their process works. When viewed on a 5Gear Manufacturing Video, the audience gains a complete understanding of each step of the process. Unlike Manufacturing Videos of old, our Manufacturing Videos are dynamic, and tell the story of how the process unfolds, often adding in the company history to round out the experience. Looking for a Manufacturing Video for your business? Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's design the perfect manufacturing video for you!

    Restaurant Videos

    When restaurant owners wants to tantalize viewers about their specialty dishes, signature fresh ingredients and unmatched service, what do they do? They turn to a Restaurant Video. With so many patrons on social media, the best a way restaurant can draw in business is advertising through a Restaurant Video. Need to train staff how to prepare those signature dishes? Look to a restaurant training video. 5Gear has been creating restaurant videos since the early 90's Let us create your restaurant video Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's design the perfect restaurant video for you!

    Interior Design Videos

    The process of interior design is a meticulous one, often involving many steps over a long period of time. When captured on video, viewers can easily witness the before and after. Often filmed over the course of many months, Interior Design Videos are created to teach the viewer the amount of steps necessary to complete the craft. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the transformation right before your eyes. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's design the perfect Interior Design Video for you or your organization!

    Financial Videos

    In the business world, results are accountable, and no where better than in the financial world. Financial Videos are often created to share results with Shareholders, staff and customers. The direct approach of a Financial Video often supersedes any other format since video is so dynamic in its approach. If your firm is worried about privacy, don't be! 5Gear Studios is accustomed to signed indemnification and privacy agreements. Contact 5Gear Studios today and lets design the perfect Financial Video for you or your organization!

    Automotive Videos

    Whether you're advertising your Dealership on Television or the Web, training staff on the latest maintenance techniques, or promoting a service or product, Automotive videos are essential in today's market. For years, 5Gear Studios have worked with Automotive Dealerships and Manufacturers to convey information to their audience. If you're looking for an Automotive Video, Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get your gears moving on the perfect Automotive Video for your dealership or business.

    Charity & Non-Profit Videos

    Charities and Non-Profit organizations have the constant, often difficult task of raising funds for their organizations. How do they reach their audience in today's world of constant contact? For most, it's email, but this can be ineffective, often being sent to the trash bin before the need can be communicated. A better way to deliver messaging is through the use of video! Often emotional, reaching the audience on a primal level, Charity and Non-Profit videos deliver in a way email can not. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss your next Charity or Non-Profit video.

    Food & Agricultural Videos

    There is nothing more universal than food. It comes from every country in the world and winds up in distribution centres, supermarkets, local markets, restaurants and in our homes. If your organization needs to capture your product for a Food or Agricultural Video, 5Gear has the knowledge and experience it takes to not only capture your process, but to make it shine! Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's discuss how delicious our Food and Agricultural videos can be!

    Educational Videos

    Public Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities all require Educational Videos of one type or another. 5Gear has created videos for educational institutions of all levels. Whether it's a Promotional Video for their actual institution, a video highlighting a special program or a video capturing a special event, trust 5Gear Studios to create an Educational Video your institution will be proud of. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's teach you what it takes to make outstanding Educational Videos.

    Fashion Videos

    Fashion Shows have been around for years and almost every one is captured on video. Why? Video lets the audience see all the amazing designs displayed at that show for those who could not attend. Fashion Galas, like the one in our video, are a great way for Fashion Designers and enthusiasts to celebrate one another and the incredible designs made by those in the fashion industry Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get talking about designing your next Fashion Video on the move!


    Transportation Videos

    When giant Proterra of the United States needed to capture the launch of their electric bus vehicles for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) whom did they turn to? 5Gear Studios, that's who! Transportation Videos are a great way to capture the features of a moving vehicle. 5Gear has the tools to capture these vehicles from inside, outside and in the air!  Need a highlight reel for your fleet? Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's get talking about getting your Transportation Video on the move!

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