Finding Your Voice: Tips for Choosing the Right Voice Over Artist

May 14, 2024
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The right voice can be the key to unlocking emotions, clearly conveying messages and capturing an audience’s attention. Whether producing a commercial, explainer video or product and services video, selecting the ideal voice-over artist is an important component of your project’s success. An artist’s characteristics such as the tone of voice, gender, cadence and pacing can all affect how the final video is received. Here are some elements to consider when selecting the right voice-over artist that will elevate your video and fit your project’s needs.

Project’s Goals

One thing to consider before diving into your voice-over artist search is your project’s goals. This is ideally something that was discussed prior to production, but it’s important to have a clear understanding of your target audience, the product you are promoting and the intended outcome of the video. These factors will determine which artist is suitable for your video.

Gender & Age

The gender and age of a voice-over artist can significantly impact how your audience perceives your message. For instance, if your target demographic is primarily female, you might consider hiring a female voice artist to create a stronger connection and relatability. Similarly, the age of the artist can convey authority, youthfulness, or maturity, depending on your project’s requirements. For example, a tech startup targeting a younger audience might opt for a youthful and energetic voice, while a financial institution may prefer a mature and trustworthy tone.

Tone & Style

The tone and style of a voice-over artist play a crucial role in conveying the desired emotion or mood of your project. Whether you need a warm and friendly voice for a customer service recording, a dramatic and intense voice for a book trailer, or a professional and informative voice for a corporate presentation, choosing an artist whose tone aligns with your project’s message will enhance its impact and engagement.

Accents & Languages

Accents can add authenticity and cultural relevance to your project. If your target audience is diverse or if your content is localized for specific regions, hiring a voice-over artist with the appropriate accent can make your message more relatable and resonate with the audience on a deeper level. Additionally, multilingual voice artists can help you reach global audiences and create different versions of your content for international markets.

Pacing & Delivery

The pacing and delivery of a voice-over artist can influence the overall flow and effectiveness of your message. A skilled artist knows how to control pacing for emphasis, suspense, or clarity, depending on the content. For example, a fast-paced delivery may work well for an energetic commercial, while a slower pace with pauses is useful for a training video where the audience must absorb new information. Choosing an artist who understands pacing dynamics can elevate the quality and impact of your project.


Versatility is a valuable trait in a voice-over artist. A versatile artist can adapt their voice to suit different genres, styles, and characters, providing you with a broader range of options and flexibility in your creative endeavours. Whether you need a voice for a commercial, animation, explainer video, or marketing video, an artist with diverse skills can bring your vision to life with authenticity and creativity.

Reputation & Portfolio

One of the most effective ways to evaluate a voice-over artist is by listening to their samples. Reputable voice actors will have a portfolio or demo reel showcasing their versatility and range. Pay attention to the type of work they’ve done previously and ask yourself whether their body of work has any parallels with your own product or service. Listen for aspects such as vocal quality, pacing, pronunciation, and overall delivery. This will give you a sense of whether their style matches what you’re looking for in your project.

Take a look at the artist’s resume. If they’ve previously worked with reputable brands, you can likely trust them to provide quality work. Seek recommendations from trusted colleagues who’ve worked with voice-over artists before. This is when working with a production company to create your video is valuable. They’ll not only have a range of artists whose reliability they can vouch for but they can also help to narrow down the list to an artist that they think will best suit your project. Using a Voice-Over Talent Agency is also a great way to vet a group of artists. We like to work with artists from Vox Talent and PNA: Performance Network Agency because we know we’ll get professional and skilled performers.

Attend Session vs. Remote

When selecting your voice-over artist, you have the option to choose between the artist attending the session or recording from home. Having the performer in person allows for a directed session where you can provide real-time feedback and test out different variations. You also have full control over sound quality and can work with an experienced engineer. A great Toronto spot that we love to use is The Orange Lounge Recording Studio.

Having a voice-over artist work remotely, however, opens up your pool of talent. For example, if you wanted an artist with a particular accent, it may be harder to find that locally. Websites like Voice Jungle and Fiverr allow you to select from a huge database of freelance performers from across the world. Plus with modern technology, you can conduct a directed session via Zoom to provide real-time feedback regardless of location. When working with remote artists, you’re relying on them to use their own setup. Be sure to listen to their previous from-home work and ask what microphone and recording equipment they use.

Choosing whether the artist is in-person or remote can depend on budget, accessibility and project needs. By considering these factors you can determine what works best for you and your video.

By carefully examining these elements of a voice-over artist, you can make an informed decision that elevates your project and maximizes its impact on your target audience. Each characteristic contributes to the overall voice experience and plays a vital role in crafting a memorable and effective communication strategy.

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