Need to create a Corporate Video for your company or organization? Not sure where to start? Follow these 6 simple steps and you’ll be on your way in no time. The entire staff at 5Gear studios is ready to assist you with your next corporate video.

Creating a Corporate Video

Creating a Corporate Video at 5Gear Studios

6 Essential Steps to Creating a Corporate Video

To create your Corporate Video, follow 5Gear’s 6 Easy Steps. You’ll see that the whole process is easier than you thought, and you just may actually find the whole process more enjoyable than you think!

● Discovery

In this important step, one of our 5Gear Studios’ trained Producers will meet with you to determine what is it that you’re looking to do. What are your goals with your Corporate Video? What’s your intended messaging? Who will your audience be? We’ll ask you all the pertinent questions to prepare for the next exciting stage of creating your Corporate Video. In this stage, one of our writers will sit with you and return with a completed script. Once our script has been created, we can move on to the next exciting stage of creating your storyboard and shot list!

● Pre-Production

Perhaps the most important stage of creating any Corporate Video, Film, Web Video, Commercial, etc, is Pre-Production. Often overlooked by amateurs, the Pre-Production process includes critical components to ensure the success of your final product. When you work with 5Gear, you’ll be working closely with one of our Producers to mold your idea, and to push it into creative areas you may not of thought possible! Our producers will manage meetings, scripts, schedules, video production crew, and everything else critical to the success of your video! Having taken all the necessary information from Discovery, we’ll create your storyboard and shot list so you can see exactly how your video will look. Let 5Gear Studios make the entire Pre-Production Process easy, by doing all the heavy lifting for you, or, work with us and we can guide you every step of the way.

● Production

Without a doubt, the most exciting step when creating your Corporate Video. 5Gear handles everything including; Crew, Cameras, Lights, Sound, Location, Hair, Makeup, Props, Special Effects and safety, all with a professional crew that works tirelessly and efficiently to capture all the key components laid out in your script. Sit back and relax while our professional crew does its thing.

● Post-Production

At this stage, the 5Gear Post Production Team made up of Directors, Editors, Motion graphics artists, Colourists, Voice over talent, Sound Editors and Animators pull together all the elements of video editing. While some studios farm out this work, which often leads to a disconnect, 5Gear takes care of every step in-house! Often our editors are on site, so they can mold the final product, exactly the way the Director and YOU decided how it would look. The 5Gear post-production team creates your company’s Corporate Video that will exceed your expectations.

● Deliverables

The final video product is complete and ready for delivery! Today, most companies demand a Digital delivery strategy for their marketing needs. This includes videos ready for such platforms at Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and others. Of course, should you wish to deliver on such media as DVD or Blu-ray, we’re ready and able to delver in that manner too. We’ve created thousands of DVDs and Blu-rays, all in-house in the 5Gear Studio.

● Video Marketing and Promotion

Let the 5Gear marketing professionals work with you to promote your video marketing campaign online! From your website to social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; your video can be made searchable and marketable, so your customers can easily find it. Enabling this strategy is certainly a key way to drive traffic, and analytical tracking to meet your company’s marketing goals! Prefer to keep it private? No worries, we’ll show you how to disseminate to your customers in a private way, without others being able to view or share.

Ready to take the next step? Contact 5Gear Studios today and let’s get started on your next Corporate Video.