Creating a Commerical that Stands Out

September 12, 2023
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With the incredible amount of content available to audiences today, companies have to work even harder to catch a viewer’s attention to ensure their message is consumed. You have an amazing service or product to share so how do you ensure people know about it?

Here are some tips and tricks on making sure your web or television commercial stands out among the crowd.

The First 3 Seconds

Especially with advertisements that can easily be clicked or swiped away, the first three seconds are the most crucial in catching and maintaining someone’s attention. Using bright colours, cool shots or bold fonts are a good way to draw an audience in. If your commercial is telling a story, start out with a hook that makes the viewer want to keep watching to learn more. If they are engaged in the first three seconds, they’re more likely to watch the entire video.


Have you ever watched a commercial where you go “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that” and then immediately share it with all of your friends? Whether it features talking animals or a flirty senior, having a unique video makes it more catchy and memorable.

You can also discuss how your product or service is unique. What sets you apart from competitors? What do you offer that hasn’t been offered before? That differentiator can be what stays with viewers and makes them want to use your product or service.


One of the most powerful ways to make your commercial memorable is through storytelling that evokes emotion. Use characters and scenarios that are relatable and that audiences will connect with on a personal level. This can be done through humour, nostalgia, empathy or inspiring stories. This can help a viewer feel more connected to a product, service or company. If you tell a story that evokes emotion from your audience, they’re more likely to resonate with the material and be left with a lasting impression.


Depending on the product, humour can be a really effective tool in a commercial. Funny videos are enjoyable to watch and tend to stay in our memory longer. People like to share funny videos with their friends which increases the number of eyes you’ll get on your commercial. Humour also evokes positive feelings that an audience will associate with the product and company. So as long as it matches the content of the video and your company values, consider incorporating humour into your commercial to make it stand out.

Jingles or Catchphrases

An unforgettable jingle or catchphrase can go a long way in making your commercial stand out. Consider creating a memorable tune or catchy tagline that captures the essence of your brand. These elements not only help your commercial stick in viewers’ minds but also create a strong association with your brand. Jingles and catchphrases can even become a part of pop culture and have an ongoing effect beyond your commercial. Or at the very least it will get stuck in someone’s head and they’ll think of your company repeatedly!

Creating a commercial that stands out in today’s sea of content requires a combination of strategic thinking, creativity and emotional engagement. By utilizing unique ideas, evoking emotion or writing memorable jingles you can create a commercial that captures attention, resonates with viewers and ultimately drives success for your company.