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Companies of all sizes, whether they're start-ups, small businesses or Fortune 500 companies, require video in their day to day operations. Our talented staff of Writers, Directors, Cinematographers and Editors ensure that you have the right team to create your video, every time. Not sure how to plan and proceed with your next company video?  Contact 5Gear Studios to handle every step of the process; from

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    Here is just a sample of the types of Corporate Videos that 5Gear Studios has to offer.

    Corporate Video Examples

    Company Profile Videos

    Company profile videos highlight the services and or products that a company has to offer. By creating a Company Profile Video for your business, you can reach a greater audience through web and social media outlets. Company Profile Videos inform in a much more advanced and engaging way than any other means. A whopping 88% of respondents claimed that they were will to learn more after viewing a Company Profile Video than by traditional means alone.

    Large Business Videos

    5Gear creates large business videos for companies of all sizes. From local to regional to national to international, 5Gear has the experience with businesses of all sizes. Looking for an Agency who can handle all stages of your large business video? Look to 5Gear Studios. We have the experience to Pre-Produce, Produce and Post-Product your next video. When it's time to distribute, we can handle every step of your video platform delivery. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next Large Business Video.

    Small Business Videos

    Every business needs a video to inform customers of their products and services they offer. For small businesses, it's even more important, as visitors are not often aware of the company and the services/products that they offer. Small Business owners can take advantage of releasing video on many platforms, like social media outlets, versus their own web site alone. This has greater reach tan just their web site. Contact us today and learn how 5Gear can help your small business.


    Internal Videos

    If you're looking to communicate directly with your staff and you wish to ensure your message is heard, don't turn to a boring internal communique or email, use an Internal Video instead! There's nothing like the personal touch an Internal Video delivers to your team. Viewers can not only hear but see the message you wish to deliver. There's no room for misinterpretation when delivering your message through video! Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next Internal Video.


    State-of-the Union Videos

    The personal touch of video is far more reaching than any other platform. If you are looking to deliver quarter, semi-annual or annual results, turn to the method all successful leaders turn to; State-of-the-Union Videos! SOTU videos are clear, concise and talk directly to the audience. An email communique can seem impersonal. SOTU videos talk directly to the viewer as if the message is only directed towards him/her. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next State-of-the-Union video.


    Video Blogs

    Web logs or BLOGS are all the rage today. A video blog takes this one step further. Video Blogs have the advantage of messaging directly to the viewer with video and sound. Need to communicate a new directive, policy or status update? Video Blogs are the ideal method as they deliver in a far more engaging manner than any other format. Look to 5Gear Studios to create your next Video Blog professionally and with an edge! Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next video blog.

    Non-Profit Videos

    One of the biggest challenges non-profit organizations and charities face is the daunting task of raising money for their organization or cause. There is no doubt the power video has in this field. From direct to messaging to powerful delivery to emotionally engaging films, non-profit Videos will reach their audience in a way no other medium can possibly compete with. 5Gear has created hundreds of films for Non-Profit organizations and charities. Trust 5Gear to help you reach your audience effectively!

    Web Videos

    Web videos is an overall encompassing category in the field of video production. Many companies and professionals who wish to advertise their product or service used to only be able to advertise "on-air". With the advertising media spend being so high, the next best thing is to advertise on the web. Advertising on the web is a great alternative and will reach significantly larger audiences if delivered effectively. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next Web Video.

    Human Resources Videos

    Sometimes an organization needs to communicate a new policy or procedure, and while written policies can do this, Human Resources Videos are much more effective, with visual demonstrations to ensure the message is delivered effectively to its audience. Video ensures your staff will have your message delivered effectively every time. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next Human Resources Video.

    Recruitment Videos

    When hiring new recruits, one of the best new ways to entice entry into your organization is through Recruitment Videos. Recruitment videos all for existing employees to add testimonials about their work experience and passionately deliver their point-of-view. This type of message delivery can be lost through a simple brochure or communique, but is without a doubt effective with on-screen appearances. Contact 5Gear Studios today and let's create your next Recruitment Video.


    End of Year Videos

    You've had a great year, why not celebrate it with a yearly wrap-up video? Wrap up videos are often fun combining video clips, photos and achievements you've made as an organization. Often being internal communiques, let loose and let the creativity flow with us at 5Gear. We've had decades of experience making these types of videos for budgets of all sizes. Contact 5Gear Studios today for your End-of-Year video.

    Testimonial Videos

    You're proud of your business. You've taken the time to promote it and carefully craft every part of it. Will your viewers believe what you have to say? With Customer Testimonial Videos, they sure will. Testimonial Videos bring confidence to your viewers when they hear the words of others talk about your business If you're looking for the best Testimonial Videos for your website, Contact 5Gear Studios today.

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