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Featured image for “The Return to Live Events | UJA’s Walk with Israel 2022”
June 23, 2022

The Return to Live Events | UJA’s Walk with Israel 2022

Over the past two and a half years, the whole world has had to pivot. Business models of organizations of all kinds have had to adapt and adjust to the new state of the world – adhering to the new standard. The world of video was no exception to the worldwide impact of the pandemic, with not only large live

Featured image for “CNN Video Shoot | Behind the Scenes!”
May 10, 2022

CNN Video Shoot | Behind the Scenes!

Check out these behind the scenes shots from our shoot for CNN in the stunning Rouge National Urban Park! And the finished product!: #5gearstudios #corporatevideo #cnn #roningimbal #commercialvideography #toronto #bts #behindthescenes #commercial #investcanada #ontarioparks #rougenationalurbanpark #parkscanada #torontofilm #broadcast #filmmaker #video

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February 7, 2022

How to Light a Video

Why Does Lighting Matter So Much? Light has the ability to drastically change how we see things. It can add focus to a particular element of a scene or even change the tone or feel of an entire video. If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that bad lighting is very noticeable to even the untrained eye and

Featured image for “POST Cereal: A Look Behind the Scenes of the Breakfast with Jack Shoot!”
January 7, 2022

POST Cereal: A Look Behind the Scenes of the Breakfast with Jack Shoot!

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Post Consumer Brands, Solutions with Impact and the one and only Jack Armstrong to put together the Breakfast with Jack Contest TV commercial! The breakfast with Jack commercial spot has been LIVE on air during Toronto Raptors games for some time now; which means we can finally share a look behind the

Featured image for “PORTL: A 4K, Life-Sized, Holographic Experience”
December 10, 2021

PORTL: A 4K, Life-Sized, Holographic Experience

Have you been to Loblaws in the Toronto area over the past few weeks? Maybe you’ve seen the President’s Choice PORTL display set up during your shopping! Over the past few months, we were thrilled to create videos for the PORTL display, animate select President’s Choice products and live-stream a PORTL demonstration LIVE on Breakfast Television! This was truly a

Featured image for “Don’t Sugar Coat it!”
September 21, 2021

Don’t Sugar Coat it!

Many of us have trouble saying no to sweets – but here’s another reason to kick excess sugar from your diet. Studies show a startling link between your sweet tooth and your chance of developing Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Especially if you are a woman. Research has shown that eating high amounts of sugar can affect your memory, learning ability

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June 29, 2021

Best Practices When Recording on Zoom

Although Zoom has been around since 2011, it wasn’t till the last couple of years that it’s become a common household name. The increase in demand for teleconferencing and online learning tools since the hit of the pandemic has been exponential. As a result, the popularity of using Zoom recordings has also increased. From online learning to business meetings, even

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May 28, 2021

Mindful Meditation

As we live through these uncertain times, it’s important to keep our level of stress down – not only for our mental health, but for our physical health too. A great way to reduce stress is through meditation, as mindful meditation has been proven to help keep our brains healthy. It’s simple – but may not be easy! Here are

Featured image for “How to Humanize Your Brand”
May 10, 2021

How to Humanize Your Brand

It’s no secret that brands that consumers identify with faces and personalities are more memorable, approachable and more likely to be trusted. With that human aspect missing from brands, they seem more corporate and detached, making it more difficult for consumers to connect with. There are so many ways to build a lasting rapport with your audience – beyond just

Featured image for “Virtual Cooking Classes with Chef Mark McEwan”
May 4, 2021

Virtual Cooking Classes with Chef Mark McEwan

We’re thrilled to partner with The McEwan Group as their official Live-Streaming provider for live cooking events with Chef Mark McEwan! Here’s an inside look at LIVE cooking events with Chef Mark McEwan: Filmed and edited by 5Gear Studios. We are a proud partner of the McEwan Group for their Virtual Cooking Class Livestreams. Here’s what The McEwan Group had