Best Practices When Recording on Zoom

June 29, 2021
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Although Zoom has been around since 2011, it wasn’t till the last couple of years that it’s become a common household name. The increase in demand for teleconferencing and online learning tools since the hit of the pandemic has been exponential. As a result, the popularity of using Zoom recordings has also increased. From online learning to business meetings, even video production companies are filming testimonials and interviews over the platform in order to adhere to government regulations and keep everyone safe. Although we recommend that clients record with our team here at 5Gear Studios, we recognize that the current climate doesn’t always allow for a full crew to be put together for a shoot, and there are many situations where recording through Zoom makes sense. Today we share a few tips to help you get the most out of your Zoom recordings and optimize this tool. From how you set up your space around you to how your camera is positioned – here are the factors that play an important role in making quality Zoom recordings.

Your Equipment

As long as you’re using a computer with a microphone and camera, you’ll be able to record yourself through Zoom; however, there are small upgrades that can greatly enhance the quality of your recordings. Good quality sound is perhaps the best upgrade to make. Purchasing an external microphone can make a huge difference to the overall quality of your video. Potentially connecting your camera or a high-end webcam is also a great upgrade to make if you want to have clearer quality visuals than your device’s built-in camera can offer. Make sure you select the appropriate inputs and outputs in the settings for any additional external equipment you use! You may think the latest laptop (PC or MAC) has a great built-in camera, but from our experience, we have found manufacturers dedicate less of their spend towards that component than others. A dedicated HD webcam will provide a huge improvement to overall picture quality by replacing your built-in webcam.

The Framing

No matter what you’re using to record or where you’re recording from – framing is absolutely vital for a zoom video call. Many people make the mistake of having the camera up too high, too low, or oriented incorrectly. Recording in landscape is the best way to record for your zoom video call. Keep your camera at eye level; you may have to find some books to elevate your device or elevate your chair in order to get the camera at the correct height.

The Environment

Setting up the environment you’re recording from to be optimal for video is an easy way to instantly improve the quality of your recording. First and foremost, find a quiet space to conduct your recording where you won’t have background noise to worry about, be interrupted or have members of your family walking around in the background. Also be sure that your background is clean and free of clutter!


When it comes to lighting of virtual recordings, try to avoid having lighting directly behind you, as this creates more of a silhouetted look that darkens your image and makes you harder to see. If you’re in front of a window, adjust your blinds so that the light is soft and diffused instead of overpowering. This helps to avoid your video looking overexposed. If you find that the best place to record is in a dark room or you happen to be recording later in the evenings when less natural light is available, you may want to consider investing in a ring light or other small lighting source to help make your videos look consistent and well lit.

Need More Guidance?

Despite Zoom being a simple and straightforward tool to use, you still may find that organizing, producing, and post-producing a completed video might require an understanding of the process beyond the initial skills needed to record on Zoom. For years, 5Gear Studios has helped conference organizers, managers, professionals, content creators and small business owners harness the power of direct video messaging. Creating an impression involves more than just the tools needed to communicate. Especially now, while everyone is creating content from their homes, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. There’s really no substitute for quality; at 5Gear Studios we can help you stay connected while remaining distant. Filming content while remaining socially distant, creating animations, utilizing stock footage and narration, text-graphic videos; we do it all. Contact 5Gear Studios today to find out more about how we can help you create professional and engaging videos, no matter your budget.

Virtual videos are going to continue to be a well used tool for the remainder of this year for sure, but it’s fair to say that the trend of live-streaming and being more ‘online’ is something that will continue to be popular long after the pandemic is over.

Have you implemented zoom video marketing into your business yet? What are your experiences with virtual recordings? Let us know in the comments!