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Televisions -- everyone has a different one in their house. Widescreen, flatscreen, rear-projection, tube, projected on a wall. Pictures can be 4:3, 16:9, semi-zoomed, zoom and stretched, panoramic, cropped. Young children have an innate ability to change TV settings when left with the channel changer for more than 10 seconds, and parents are left scratching their heads and googling solutions for days. When making a commercial for TV, these variances in viewing specifications need to be taken into consideration, as well as adhering to exact time-slots. Our experience and our services will ensure that your message is properly displayed, regardless of whether little Timmy has been playing with the remote again.

TV Commercials

Having a strong online presence has become crucial for businesses these days. When we're unsure of a new product or if we are in the market for a new service most of us will look online before asking around. Word-of-mouth is still important, but we've become creatures of immediacy, and a company with a strong web presence is easier to trust and identify with than a bare one.

And for companies whose identity is already well-known, the ability to share videos that they have created has extended their advertising reach right into your hands. Directed marketing has never been able to connect with people as easily as online videos can through mobile devices and computers. This is no passing fad!

Web Videos

Never before have shots like this been available without renting a helicopter and a pilot. The invention of the drone has revolutionized video production, allowing us to create sweeping aerials, jaw-dropping climbs, and ethereal moments within the clouds.

But just because this technology is now available, it doesn't mean that everyone who buys one can actually use it. All of our flights receive special flight operation certificates, we come with full insurance, and we have a certified drone pilot who has years of jib and drone experience.

Aerial Cinematography

Do you remember when you used to wake up at 6am Saturday mornings for cartoons? You'd sit in your pajamas, glued to the TV, until your parents told you to turn it off. Even as adults we feel that connection to animation (who didn't cry watching Toy Story 3?) and adding it to video can strengthen its message immensely. Animation can reinforce specific facts or represent statistics on-screen, it can create visual interest by giving the eye more to look at, and it can connect with audiences in ways that video alone cannot. Animation can be whimsical and fun, it can engage viewers with colours and movements, and it can transform basic items like photos or logos into eye-catching art.


Check out our Gears in motion!

Live Events

For months now all that you've been thinking about is the company event that you've been planning. You dream about the centrepieces, your desk is covered with post-it notes reminders, and you've developed supersonic hearing to detect your phone vibrating with event-related notifications. The day arrives and it passes with alarming speed, and at the end of the night, after everyone has thanked you and your team for another successful and wonderful event, you're sitting back and asking yourself whether or not that really happened. Shortly after you receive an emailed link from 5Gear Studios, you share it with your coworkers and clients and on social media, and then your phone rings as you're asked to get started on another great event.